A product of GMED PLUS Limited



LonemedicData is a family of software solutions to manage a medical practice in the United Kingdom. Produced by GMED Pus Ltd. Lonemedic products are extremely flexible allowing them to adapt to the way you work. Lonemedic keeps and organises your notes and photographs, creates automatic letters to GPs and mail-shots to patients. It sends emails, SMS, easy to find of procedure codes and prices for different insurance companies, creates invoices, receipts and statements. Automatically creates admission forms, surgeons logbooks and financial reports with graphs. Keeps track of external files: PDFs, text documents, photographs and movies.Unlike other products on the market Lonemedic not only helps your secretary with office management, it helps the doctor. All consultation and operation notes are in Lonemedic. X rays and photographs are always at hand, improves communication with your secretary and all that is done on a highly secure environment.